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European Venture Capital: The New Generation of Elite Players is Ready for The Draft Pick

Venture capital is the investment tool behind some of the highest-growth and most influential firms in the world. In Europe, the industry is gaining in popularity as it has historically shown to be a promising alternative asset for investors worldwide. Today, however, the industry is suffering abrupt transformations that makes it challenging for investors to capture the value that is being created and ultimately generate high returns for their investment portfolios.

Three trends are of particular interest to us: the next wave of a technology-based disruption, the funding gap in early stages and appearance of Micro VCs and the development of emerging European ecosystems.



Venture capital.
Market note

Just a year ago, at the beginning of 2020, the venture capital market was a high growth environment, which was increasingly diversified (in which the US and China concentrated a large part of the investments) and in which Europe, despite being clearly behind, was doing its homework: building scaleups and managers with ambitious and global funds.

When the COVID crisis hit the world economy, many uncertainties arose about how this “black swan” would affect the volume of investment in startups and the evolution/growth of these innovative companies around the world.