aldeA Ventures
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Slide aldeA Ventures is a Barcelona-based investment platform supporting the champions. Tech 700 About us People Expertise future European tech

About Us

aldeA is founded by passionate entrepreneurs and investors
with strong expertise in the venture capital industry and in the
startup ecosystem.

We believe Europe will play a leading role in driving global
innovation forward in the next decade.
In partnership with Meridia Capital we are launching aldeA Tech
Fund I to give access to the 700 most-promising technology
businesses seeded between 2020 and 2022 in Europe.

To capture niche opportunities across sectors, technologies and
hubs, we pursue a hybrid strategy.



There is a new breed of managers with deep
technical backgrounds investing in the largestever
generation of experienced operators of
tech start-ups in Europe. They are fundamentally
changing the way we live and work today.
We trust them and we trust the way they are
interpreting the future. That’s why we will commit
our investment in them.

They are emerging and developing managers
raising microVCs across the whole early-stage:
pre-seed, seed and Series A.


Thanks to our network and our exposure to a wide range of companies, operators,
technologies, industries, and European hubs, we gather relevant expertise, and we are
happy to make it available for you.


We have started to release Expertise pills to feed aldeA’s network.

European Venture Capital: The New Generation of Elite Players is Ready for The Draft Pick


Venture capital is the investment tool behind some of the highest-growth and most influential firms in the world. In Europe, the industry is gaining in popularity as it has historically shown to be a promising alternative asset for investors worldwide. Today, however, the industry is suffering abrupt transformations that makes it challenging for investors to capture the value that is being created and ultimately generate high returns for their investment portfolios.


Three trends are of particular interest to us: the next wave of a technology-based disruption, the funding gap in early stages and appearance of Micro VCs and the development of emerging European ecosystems.



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Tech 700

Access to the 700 most-promising pan-European
tech-enabled businesses.

SOON. . .